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Violence Prevention Resources for Organizations

Funding Opportunity

For two years, the city of Aurora offered a funding opportunity to organizations that provide youth violence prevention and intervention services and activities. The available $577,500, approved by City Council on June 28, 2023, supports the city’s Youth Violence Prevention Program mission and the collective efforts of the youth violence prevention network. One of the grantees, A1 Boxing, is spotlighted in this AuroraTV story:

The city designated 80% of the funding for intervention efforts and the remaining 20% for prevention efforts. Intervention efforts may include direct outreach to groups actively involved in a violent incident in the community, hospital-based programs engaging patients during their recovery, specialized mental health treatment services, internationally recognized family skills training programs, and crisis services to support families. Prevention efforts may include school-led activities and programs, faith-based implementation of supportive services that can be initiated after violent events in the community, community engagement activities and youth programming.  

Future Funding Opportunities

The city is not offering any violence prevention funding opportunities in 2024.


Email [email protected]


Funding Philosophy

The Youth Violence Prevention Program funds organizations to increase the frequency of youth engagement events and service delivery in communities where youth violence is more likely to occur. Community connection is a protective factor that can help prevent youth violence and support youth, families and the greater community. These efforts are the most effective when they are community-led, with identified community leaders and organizations taking the lead on coordinated activities. 

  • Community-Informed: Our funding decision-making is informed by community perceptions to support the programming needs of the community.

  • Evidence-based Practice: We believe in well-researchedPartners interventions, programs and services that incorporate ethics, client preferences, and culture to guide and inform the delivery of services. 

  • Data-Driven: Youth Violence Prevention Program is committed to harnessing the power of data to assess opportunities, measure progress, evaluate the impact and improve performance. 

  • Partnerships: The challenges we face in Aurora and around the country are increasingly complex, and neither the private nor the public sector can solve them alone. That’s why the Youth Violence Prevention Program will focus on building partnerships across sectors to share ideas and resources toward a common purpose to amplify our impact. 

  • Funding Focus: The Youth Violence Prevention Program funding approach focuses on the following key areas for creating lasting change.

  • Promote family environments that support healthy youth development
  • Create frequent and positive shared activities with parents and other caretakers
  • Opportunities to increase connectedness to family or other caring adults
  • Increase involvement in pro-social activities
  • Increase awareness of available resources/services in the city of Aurora.
  • Access to quality education
  • Strengthening youth skills
  • Create protective community environments
  • Intervene to lessen harms and prevent future risks
  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion

If you would like to be notified of upcoming funding opportunities, please email your contact information to [email protected].

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