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Airport Noise

Like most metropolitan areas, the airspace above Aurora is busy with air traffic from major airports located near the city—and sometimes it can get a little noisy.

To file an airport noise complaint:

  • File a noise complaint on Denver International Airport’s WebTrak Flight Tracking and Noise Information System. The website also provides information on data about flights to and from DIA, Centennial Airport, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Front Range Airport and Buckley Air Force Base as well as any air traffic that transitions through the region.

  • Centennial Airport Webtrak system is now online and available for the public to view aircraft operations and report on excessively loud aircraft.

Coordinating with Nearby Airports

The city’s airport noise coordinator doesn’t just receive airport noise complaints. He also reviews development applications to make sure proposed developments are compatible with nearby airports and the future residents who might live there.

An intergovernmental agreement between Adams County and the city of Denver funds the city of Aurora’s airport noise coordinator position. The airport noise coordinator also coordinates with DIA, Centennial Airport, Front Range Airport and Buckley Air Force Base.

F-16s over Buckley
Buckley F-16s flying in formation with radomes in background

Coordination efforts with these airports include:

  • Participating in master planning efforts and other initiatives with Buckley Air Force Base

  • Monitoring the Environmental Assessment process for the redesign of the Denver metro area airspace, commonly associated with new Area Navigation (RNAV) and Performance Based Navigation (PBN)Procedures

  • Attending Centennial Airport/Community Noise Roundtable meetings

Aurora’s Airport Influence District

The city’s zoning codes restrict the types of new developments that can occur near airports. These restrictions vary depending on where the new development sits within a predetermined area referred to as a noise contour.

The Federal Aviation Administration provides complex and accurate computer models to create noise contours around each airport. Based on this information, the city has established Airport Influence Districts and noise contours around DIA, Centennial Airport, Front Range Airport and Buckley Air Force Base.
Using the noise contour information, the following restrictions are included in the Airport Influence District ordinance in the city’s zoning code:

  • Generally, new residential development and construction is prohibited in the area where aircraft noise may exceed a day-night average sound level referred to as either Ldn or DNL above 60 decibels. This average includes a 10 decibel penalty for airport noise during nighttime hours from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

  • New residential development may be permitted between the 55 and 60 Ldn contours if specific construction criteria are included in the design of the residences, such as noise insulation and central air conditioning.

  • Existing residences within the 55 Ldn to 65 Ldn contours are not addressed in the Airport Influence District ordinance. Owners of existing residences located in an Airport Influence District are not required to have noise reduction measures in their residences, and if they choose to include noise reduction measures in their homes, they must provide them at their own cost


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