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The city of Aurora is committed to protecting user privacy online. We believe that greater protection of personal privacy on the web will not only protect users, but also increase user confidence and ultimately their participation in online activities. At the city of Aurora websites, we intend to give you as much control as possible over your personal information. The purpose of this policy is to inform you about the types of information we gather when you visit our sites, how we may use that information, whether we disclose it to anyone, and the choices you have regarding our use of, and your ability to correct, the information. The following is the privacy policy for all pages starting with:

If you send us an electronic mail message with a question or comment that contains personally identifying information, or fill out a form that e-mails us this information, we will only use the personally identifiable information to respond to your request and analyze trends. We may redirect your message to another government agency or person who is in a better position to answer your question.

We collect some information that is used for analysis and statistical purposes that help us manage the city of Aurora website.

Information Collected for Statistical Purposes
We automatically collect electronically generated information about your visit to our site, such as the date, type of browser used, and technical Internet protocol data. We collect this information about each user session from our user logs, and refer to it for statistical purposes.

Information You Provide When Using Our Interactive Forms and Functions
This information may include such things as name, address, telephone number, and other personal and business data.

At any time while accessing our site(s), any user while online may "opt-out" of further e-mail contact from us (while still allowing access to our sites). For further information about opting-out, contact us.

Control of Personal Information
At any time, while accessing our site(s), any user while online may decline participation in any activity that asks for information (i.e. survey or e-mail). Your choice not to participate will in no way affect your ability to use any other feature on our site(s). In online applications that ask for personal information, you also are provided the option of canceling or "clearing all fields" of information and terminating the application. You also may request that e-mail messages you send to agencies represented on the City of Aurora Web site be deleted from e-mail archives once the communication or transaction is completed. You also are provided an automatic way to "unsubscribe" to any newsletters, notices, schedules, etc., sent to you automatically by e-mail.

Use of Cookies
To better serve our users we may use "cookies" to customize your browsing experience. Cookies are simple text files stored on your computer by your web browser. They provide a method of distinguishing among visitors to our site.
Cookies created on your computer by using this site do not contain personally identifying information and do not compromise your privacy or security. We use the cookie feature only to store a randomly generated identifying tag on your computer. Visitors may refuse the cookie or delete the cookie file by using any of the widely available methods.

Disclosure to Third Parties
As a governmental agency, we are governed by open records laws. Any information that we receive through use of our site is subject to the same provisions as information provided on paper. Otherwise, we do not share personal identifying information with any third party without your permission. We disclose only in aggregate form our statistical analyses or demographics of users to third parties. In some instances, we may operate shared Web sites with other organizations. Our privacy policy will apply to these Web sites, and we require those organizations to adhere to our privacy policy, and will not share personal information with any third party without your permission. This information is not reported or used in any manner that would reveal personally identifiable information, and will not be released to any outside parties unless we are legally required to do so in connection with law enforcement investigations or other legal proceedings.

Link Policy
The City of Aurora, Colorado (Aurora) site contains links to other Internet sites and resources. When a user chooses a link to a site not controlled by the City of Aurora, we are neither responsible for the content on that site nor are endorsing the entity to which the site belongs. links to government, community and professional association Web sites that relate to Aurora's services and programs. Links to the following types of Web sites may be established:

Non-profit charitable, educational, health, scientific or cultural organizations that serve Aurora or are members of the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District.
State, local or federal governmental agencies, state colleges or universities, and public school districts located in Aurora.
Organizations that receive direct financial support from the city.
Chambers of Commerce serving Aurora.
Economic development corporations serving Aurora.
Professional, trade and intergovernmental associations with which the city is affiliated and that are directly related to city business.

Services contracted with the city such as Odyssey, Aurora's contracted online library service, and Municode, Aurora's contracted online municipal code service.

Media and corporate sponsors of Aurora-initiated events for purposes related to the event and only during the promotional period of the event.
Online software utilities such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Macromedia Flash, Real Audio, Internet Explorer, and Netscape that enable or enhance access to content.

Links will not be made to sites that are associated with, sponsored by or serving a candidate for elected office, any political party, or any organization supporting or seeking to defeat a candidate for elected office or ballot proposal.
Government, community and professional agencies may request links on by e-mailing [email protected]. Link requests will be evaluated based upon this policy. The City of Aurora will determine link location.

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