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Fiber Optic

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The city's Fiber Optic Standard Operating Procedures are meant to provide guidance, policies, procedures and specifications for submitting applications, requesting permits and installing fiber optic installations within the city of Aurora's rights of way, streets and utility easements.

How to Apply

Companies wanting to apply for a fiber optic license must first have a fully executed Fiber Optic Master License Agreement with the city of Aurora.

Fiber Optic Master License Agreement (see example)
Fee: $2,625

Fiber Optic License Agreement Addendum and Assignments (addendum example)
Fee: $622

Variance Letter: May be needed for certain locations and requirements (variance letter example)

Fiber Optic Review

Departments/divisions that review fiber optic locations and plan sets:

Permit Counter (email [email protected]): Intake of application (plan set and public improvement application) (linear feet, bore, trench, handholes, potholes and utilities call-outs must match plan set, and cover sheet set on plan set must have scope of work within a table)

Public Improvement Application (see example):
Fiber Optic-Power Cabinet Application
Fiber Optic-Power Cabinet Application (fillable form)

Engineering: Utilities (not owned by Aurora Water), right of way, easements, sidewalks, driveways and PE stamp
Roadway Design and Construction Specifications Manual

Traffic: Traffic signals, equipment, clear zone and sight triangles
Traffic Impact Study Guidelines

Water: Existing Aurora Water utilities (includes raw water lines, critical water, fire hydrants and protected waters)
Aurora Water GIS Data Agreement Form
Email GIS data agreement form to [email protected]
Storm GIS Layers
Water GIS Layers
Stormwater and Wastewater Overview Map

City Engineer: Overview of Plan Set
Parks, Recreation and Open Space: Bore/trench away from tree roots/canopy of tree line
Aurora Trees GIS

Planning: Coming soon!

Flood Plains Engineer: Boundaries of floodplain/floodway
NFHL Flood GIS Map

Transportation Projects and Deliveries:
City Design Standards

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