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Snow Removal

The unpredictability of snow storms requires a snow plan with flexibility, allowing the city to add resources as needed to improve travel during winter weather events. See the snow plan maps link above.

The city has more than 90 pieces of snow removal equipment to accomplish this task, and the amount of equipment and staff used depends on the storm’s severity. Liquid and granular deicer are used in tandem with the equipment to clear streets.

The city may plow up to 1,500 lane miles of roadway during a major winter storm, and plows often have to run routes repeatedly to ensure they remain passable. While a snow storm is happening, all Priority 1 routes (major arterial streets) will be kept open and maintained.

Priority 1: Major Arterial Streets (Red)
These streets are targeted first to ensure routes remain clear to the city’s emergency centers. Hospitals, fire stations, police stations and rescue squad units are located on red priority routes.

Priority 2: Minor Arterial and Residential Collector Streets (Blue)
This second priority tackles higher volume streets adjacent to schools, nursing homes and city recreation facilities, and those that give access into neighborhoods.

Priority 3: Secondary and Neighborhood through Streets (Green)
Weather permitting, these routes are serviced after Priority 1 and 2 routes are completed. These roads include bus routes and select neighborhood streets.

Priority 4: Rural and Outlying Streets (Yellow)
Once the other routes have been serviced and as time and resources allow, roads located in rural/annexed areas of the city are plowed.

A Special Note about Neighborhood Streets

With the city’s financial and physical resources in mind, snow removal on smaller neighborhood streets only takes place during the most extreme weather conditions as approved by the Public Works director. 

North-facing and shady areas on streets sometimes need attention, so please contact the Streets division at 303.326.8200 for any section of street remains ice-packed or impassable after several days.

If you have a medical condition and need special access during or after a snow storm, call the police non-emergency line at 303.627.3100. They will coordinate with Public Works to make sure your residence is accessible.

Visit the Doing Your Part in Snow & Snow Removal Responsibilities pages for information on snow removal responsibilities for property owners and other information.

The Aurora Parks, Recreation & Open Space (PROS) Department supports the Public Works Department in clearing streets during and after a snowstorm, and also is responsible for snow and ice removal at many city-owned public buildings, RTD connector trails and all park facilities. The PROS Snow & Ice Removal Plan details procedures, locations and priorities for snow removal operations at these facilities.

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