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Film Permits

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Aurora offers an abundance of excellent locations for film, video and still photography. We have staff to help you find the right location for your creative endeavors and assist you through the permitting process to help get your project underway.

A film permit is required for any commercial, non-commercial, or student produced film, video or photography activity that occurs in Aurora city limits and meets any of the following criteria:

  • The activity takes place at any city owned property, including public buildings, parks, open spaces, reservoirs, public streets, sidewalks, easements, or any other property owned or maintained by the city of Aurora and is intended for sale or general distribution beyond personal use, i.e. pictures and/or video of sports activities may be taken without the need for a film permit so long as it is for personal private use and not for sale or general distribution.

  • If on any private property, the production of the film, video, or photography activity may in any way have the potential to cause a nuisance or disruption to businesses or residents in the area. This could be anything from creating unusual vehicle traffic patterns, loud noises, sights that would draw attention, or other activity that may cause a nuisance or disruption to the normal business or residential activity.

  • Involves the carrying or display of firearms, real or fake, in a public location or private location that is within view of the public. Please note that the discharge of firearms is illegal within the city limits.

  • Involves the use of any type of pyrotechnics. Please note that the use of any fireworks is illegal within the city limits.

  • Involves any costumes, props, or equipment in a public location or private location that is within view of the public that may cause a disruption to residential or business activity or have a potential to startle or upset residents.

Application Process & Timeline

  • A film permit application should be submitted at least 30 days in advance of your first day of production.

  • Applications submitted less than 30 days in advance will be accepted, but there is no guarantee that your permit will be issued in time for your first day of production.

  • If you not applied for a film permit with the city of Aurora before, you'll need to begin by setting up an account with the city through our Citizen Portal, here. This only takes a few minutes and once that account is established you can begin your film permit application.

  • After your application is received you will be given the name of a contact person with the city of Aurora who will act as your liaison throughout the process.

  • When your application has been approved you will be notified by email. The permit will be issued upon payment of all applicable fees.

Permits, Fees and Waivers

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  • Additional permits and fees may apply if you are using a public park, open space, or other recreational area. Learn more about Park and Open Space permits.

  • Additional permits and fees may apply if your production requires traffic control or other public safety personnel to be on standby or on site during the production.

  • Waivers of fees may be requested by student productions and productions by non-profits or other governmental agencies.

  • To be classified as a student production, the applicant must submit proof that the project is part of coursework at an accredited institution.

  • Nonprofit organizations requesting a waiver must submit proof of nonprofit status.

Proof of Insurance

All applicants for a film permit will be required to provide proof of liability insurance before a permit is issued. Students may need to secure this proof of insurance from their educational institution.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Film/Video/Photography permit process, please contact Randy Simpson at [email protected] or 303.739.6605.

Thank you for considering the city of Aurora for your project!

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