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Water-wise Landscaping

Most turfs in Aurora are comprised of Kentucky bluegrass, which thrives in – you guessed it  – Kentucky. The state, which is nicknamed the Bluegrass State, receives 42"-52" of precipitation annually. Aurora, in contrast, has a high-desert climate and receives less than 15” of water annually. To keep that bluegrass lush and green in Colorado requires significant supplemental water. About half of the water used during the growing season goes toward quenching turf’s thirst.

Water is a limited resource. With the climate becoming hotter and drier it’s time to rethink the role Kentucky bluegrass plays in our yards. Limit high-water grass to areas such as backyards where families gather and children and pets play.

To assist customers with converting to attractive, lower maintenance yards that save water and withstand drought, our water conservation specialists will walk you through the process of converting water-guzzling turf lawns to water-wise landscapes.

Aurora Water offers a rebate when you remove at least 500 square feet of healthy bluegrass from your property and replace it with a low-water landscape. We'll walk you through the process. 
Do you have a beautiful low-water landscape worth bragging about or know someone who does? The winner of our annual Water-wise Landscape Award could win up to a $100 credit on their water bill. 
Income-qualified residents may qualify for a free water-wise landscape. 

Attend one of our many classes on water-wise landscaping, sprinkler system tune-up or growing vegetables — all designed to help you save water and money. Choose from in-person, online videos and more.
You have ideas, but how do you put them on paper? Aurora Water offers free water-wise landscape designs to its customers. Our professional designer makes dreams a reality.
Visit our six-acre garden for ideas about water-wise landscaping that can be applied to your own yard. The garden is located at the northwest corner of Alameda Ave. and Chambers Road. 
Aurora Water requires a permit for installation of lawn/seed and a new irrigation/sprinkler system.
Aurora Water partners with Resource Central to offer low water garden kits to help you cut back on water usage in your yard. This year’s Garden In A Box collection is up for viewing on the Resource Central website today so head over and browse the beautiful gardens today. Join their interest list to stay updated on Garden In A Box availability.
If you want to find a list of water-wise plants, look no further than here. This list contains over 400 species of plants, so you have enough to pick from. 
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