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Directions for using the map above:

  • If you know the name of the park, you can type it into the search bar in the top left corner. 
  • Click on the park to see the list of special/accessible features.
  • RTD Routes are shown as colored lines on the roadways.  Click the route to access the schedule.

Check out these parks with special features. For a list of all of our parks, click here.     
    Aurora Reservoir- beach access, water wheelchairs, accessible fishing pier
    Great Plains Park- sprayground
    Hampden Run Park- musical features, wavy walk
    Highland Hollows Park- musical features
    McMullen Park- wheelchair accessible spinner
    Nome Park- dish swing, hillside slide, play mounds 
    Norfolk Glen Park- musical features, wheelchair accessible spinner
    Quincy Reservoir Park- accessible fishing pier
    Red-tailed Hawk Park - inclusive playground, sprayground
    Sand Creek Park- dish swing, lookout, hillside slide, nature trails
    Terrace Park - musical features
    Tollgate Crossing Neighborhood Park - hillside slide, ninja course

The Aurora Parks, Recreation & Open Space Department takes an inclusive approach to encourage active lifestyles, including enabling the use of assistive technology in our open space and park system.

Wheelchairs and Manually-Powered Mobility Aids
Individuals with mobility disabilities are permitted to use wheelchairs and manually-powered mobility aids on any trail open to pedestrian use so long as they are used in a manner that is safe for the user.

Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMDs)
Individuals with mobility disabilities may use OPDMDs that meet the following safety requirements criteria on all trails open for pedestrian use. This criteria is based upon the assessment factors noted in 28 CFR §35.137(b)(2) of the Americans with Disabilities Act. OPDMDs must be used in a safe manner and is at the risk of the user. OPDMDs may not be used off trail.
• Width: Wheelbase width must not exceed 40% of the total trail width to allow passage of pedestrians and others without going off trail. For trail widths of Aurora's regional trails, please see below.
• Length: Able to maneuver around corner radius without going off trail.
• Weight: Must not cause displacement of trail material due to weight, including the weight of the OPDMD and passenger.
• Power Source: Non-combustible motor with a maximum noise level not to exceed 55 decibels. No fuel-powered engines are allowed.
•Maneuverability: Capable of adapting to diverse trail conditions, including but not limited to increase/decrease in grade/slope; changes in topography and variable surfaces.
• All other established Rules and Regulations for Parks, Open Space and Reservoirs apply to the use of OPDMDs.

View the complete OPDMD policy.

At no time shall the OPDMD impact natural ecosystems, cause damage to the trail, turf or property, be a detriment to historical or cultural features, or negatively-impact other users of the property or neighboring property by physical contact or noise.

As technology advances and new devices are developed, public use patterns change and impacts to natural and/or cultural resources are reevaluated, the department may modify the type of OPDMD permissible within specific facilities on specific trails as necessary. Please check this site for updates to these guidelines.

General Trail Widths
*OPDMD users are advised some area have access gates, feeder trails and/or bridges that are much narrower than the entry point or main trail corridor, some of which serve as emergency exits. For example, the Aurora Reservoir Trail is 10 feet wide and thus allows for an OPDMD with 48-inch wheelbase. However; Gate #4 serves as an emergency exit point and only allows for 32 inches of clearance. Many properties have long sections of trail that do not provide any amenities or services. OPDMD battery life and/or needs of the operator should be considered prior to entering the property.

Aurora Reservoir - 10' wide concrete
Cherry Creek Greenway Trail - 10' wide concrete
Cherry Creek Spillway - 10' wide concrete
Conservatory West Trail - 10' wide concrete
High Line Canal Trail - 8' wide concrete
Parklane Trail - 8' wide concrete
Piney Creek Trail - 10' wide concrete
Plains Trail - 8' wide soft surface
Powerline Trail - 10' wide soft surface
Quincy Reservoir Trail - 8' wide (varies) soft surface
Ridgeview Greenbelt Trail - 8' wide concrete
Sand Creek Greenway Trail - 10' wide soft surface
Toll Gate Creek Trail - 10' wide concrete
Unnamed Creek Trail - 10' wide concrete
West Toll Gate Creek Trail - 10' wide concrete/asphalt
Westerly Creek Trail - 10' wide concrete

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