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Shared Mobility Program

If you have questions about your mobility share account, please use the contact info on your app to reach a representative.

Bird has shut down its scooter operations in Aurora, effective Aug. 11, 2022. 

Back in 2017, Aurora was the first city in Colorado to host a dockless bike sharing program to provide residents and visitors with another way to get around town. Since then, Aurora’s bike share program has been significantly modified and enhanced to address market changes and incorporate new industry best practices and multiple device types.

Program improvements also included a program name change (from Bike Share to Shared Mobility), and greater flexibility to accommodate multiple modes of transportation options to serve the public.

Shared mobility businesses who are interested in operating in Aurora can find the program Rules & Regulations and a license application packet in the below links. For additional details, please email [email protected]

Shared Mobility Small Devices License Program Rules & Regulations

Shared Mobility Small Devices License Application 


What is shared mobility?
Shared mobility is a mode of transportation typically involving e-scooters, e-bikes, bicycles and other transportation devices that provides customers the ability to pick-up a device from one location and leave it at another in the form of a short-term rental. Vehicles can either be parked using docks (a fixed locking station) or are dockless (free-flowing) using internal locking mechanisms.

Why is shared mobility important?
Providing low-emission mobility options can create a more diverse, convenient and accessible transportation network that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, traffic congestion, and improve the overall quality of life in Aurora. Shared mobility also provides more ways to get around. Having a variety of mobility options available to people can make them more comfortable traveling without a vehicle and can make transit more convenient to use.

How does shared mobility work in Aurora?
Private shared mobility companies are required to obtain a license to operate in Aurora. Licensed operators are authorized by the city to deploy, operate, and maintain a public shared mobility transportation rental device service throughout Aurora pursuit to the terms and provisions of the program. Private shared mobility operators supply and maintain the rental vehicles while meeting specific city requirements for safety, operations, rider education, and device parking. Anyone may rent a vehicle by downloading the company's application to a smart phone. Information about how to check out and return vehicles is typically provided on the devices, or on the app and/or website. The program is not supported by any city capital investment.

When there are shared mobility devices available for rental in Aurora, where should shared mobility devices be parked?
The best place to park shared mobility devices is in the “furniture zone” or the section of the sidewalk where street furniture, lighting, benches, utility poles, tree pits, and bicycle racks are located. Never leave a shared mobility vehicle blocking sidewalks, curb ramps, ADA access, doorways, or bike paths.

How do I get a device removed?
Devices that are left in undesirable or unauthorized locations (e.g., private property) should be reported directly to the specific vehicles operator. If you would like to report a device, please call the individual operator(s). Contact information is located on each specific vehicle.

What should I do if I am involved in a collision while riding a rental device?
If you are involved in a collision with a motor vehicle that is in motion, contact the Aurora Police Department Public Safety Dispatch Center by calling 911, or the non-emergency line at 303.627.3100 to have an accident report completed.

Any collision involving a fixed object (i.e., parked car, park bench, fence, etc.) should be resolved between the owner of said object and the rider of the device (as this is a civil issue).

If you receive an injury resulting from any collision, please call 911 to get the proper medical treatment. If the injury sustained in the collision involved a motor vehicle in motion, an accident report must be completed (either online or by a police officer).

Are there currently any shared mobility devices available in Aurora?
No, the most recent shared mobility operator suspended operations in Aurora in August 2022. Licenses remain available for new companies to apply.

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