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Abandoned Vehicles

Public Property:
Abandoned vehicles can be reported through Access Aurora online or at 303.739.7000. Access Aurora reports abandoned vehicle information to Park Aurora who then dispatches an officer dedicated to investigating these vehicles.

Park Aurora issues citations and tickets as needed and will call for an Aurora officer to tow the vehicle from a public street if necessary.

Private Property:
If a vehicle has been abandoned on private property and is called into dispatch, the call taker will run the license plate or vehicle identification number (VIN). If the vehicle is of NO police interest, the property manager or owner of the private property will be responsible for having the vehicle towed away. 

Remember "C.Y.M.B.A.L.S." when reporting any vehicle:

  • Color
  • Year
  • Make/Model
  • Body
  • Additional descriptors
  • License plate number
  • License plate state (if anything other than Colorado)
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