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Aurora Water - Billing & Conservation

Aurora Water

Water Billing (water, wastewater & storm drain) 303.739.7388

The property owner is the primary account holder for water services, including all potable water connections, sewer service and storm drain charges.

The account is established at the time of sale of the property and title transfer. Confirmation of property ownership is verified by using the appropriate county assessor’s web pages.

If a spouse or family member of a property owner wants to be added as a primary account holder:

  • They must either be listed on the County Assessor’s web page as an owner; or
  • The primary account holder must call the billing office to request this change.
  • For a tenant to be added as a “Third Party designee” and receive a copy of the bill in his/her name:
  • The account must be in current status on all payments; and
  • The tenant can verify the account number and the owner or Management Company’s name and phone number. 
    If a tenant cannot verify the requested information, they are not able to add themselves as a third party designee. The primary account holder or management company must call the billing office to add them to the account. 
    The third-party account number will be the same as the primary account holder.

A management company of a property can add themselves to an account as long as they can verify name, phone number and the account number. If the management company cannot verify the requested information, the management company must submit via email, fax or in person, a copy of the management company agreement. Once received, the management company will be added to the water account as a third party.

As referenced in the city code below, all final balances are ultimately the responsibility of the primary account holder. Aurora Water does not collect deposits on water accounts. Any security deposits or water deposits collected from tenants are the responsibility of the property owner.

Code of Ordinances Section 138-225 - Authorizing collections by county treasurer;

“The city council finds and determines that the policy of the city is that all water services provided by the city shall be deemed to be provided to the real property so served without regard to the person billed for the service. All unpaid fees and rates for water services are declared to be delinquent 40 days after the payment due date. There is declared to be a lien on the real property so served in the amount of all unpaid fees and rates, including an administrative fee not to exceed ten percent of the total amount of such unpaid fees and rates. All liens created by this section shall relate back to the time that the water services for which payment is still due and owing were provided to the real property. The city clerk is authorized and empowered to certify to the treasurer of the proper county the legal description of the premises so served and the amount of the delinquency assessable to the premises. Certification of the unpaid fees and rates to the county treasurer shall serve as notice to the property owner of said delinquency. The lien created by this section of the Code shall be a first lien upon the subject property and shall be superior to all other liens, or claims against such property of whatever kind or nature regardless of date, except any lien for general property taxes or special improvement district assessments. Upon receipt of said certification, the county treasurer shall proceed to collect such unpaid fees and rates certified in the same manner as general property taxes and the redemption thereof.”

Water Conservation

Aurora Water has a robust conservation program that can be utilized by both property owners and tenants. Property owners are eligible to participate in toilet rebates, water-wise landscape design consultations and rebates, irrigation rebates and indoor/outdoor water use assessment programs. Tenants may participate in the indoor/outdoor water use assessment programs, but are not eligible for the rebates or design consultations. Visit or call 303.739.7195 for details.

Water Wasting Violations

Aurora City Council passed a Water Wasting ordinance, which can be found at Code of Ordinances Section 138-190, that includes penalties for violations. These penalties are assessed on the water bill and are subject to the same terms and conditions as the water bill. Details on the Water Wasting Ordinance can be found in the Aurora Water Management Plan, which can be found at

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