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Business Licensing

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Any "person" (person defined as a sole proprietor, partnership, LLC or corporation, including non-profit organizations) who conducts business activities within the city of Aurora or has employees working in the City of Aurora, is required to have a business license. A separate license is required for each location within the city of Aurora.

Licensing a company to conduct business in Aurora begins with the Business License Application. The resulting business license is the company’s authorization to conduct business in Aurora. It also establishes the required sales, use, Occupational Privilege (OPT) and/or Lodger's tax filing roles and allows the business access to a variety of city services including online filing options.

Use the Business License Application link to initiate your request for a business license. The online application tool will guide you through the application process and offers a variety of ways to pay for the license and fees (Pay online via ACH or credit card or print a voucher to mail a paper check).

 Business License Application Online
  • Application Fee: $17.00
  • Initial License Fee/Renewal License Fee: $26.00

  • Period Covered: Two years from date of issuance

Licensing Section
15151 E. Alameda Parkway, Suite 5700
Aurora, CO 80012

Marijuana retail store, cultivation, manufacturing and testing establishments must go to the Aurora Marijuana Enforcement Division (AMED) web page for licensing information. Applicants may not use the city's online business licensing application for this process.

The city of Aurora has adopted Mobile Food Truck regulations that make it easier for food truck vendors to operate in Aurora.

Business License is Non-Transferable with Change of Business Ownership

Any change of ownership requires a new application and $43.00 fee for the business license. A $20 processing fee is required if a paper application is submitted.

The change of a license from one location to another shall require the submission of a change of location on the Tax & Licensing portal and the issuance of a new license, with payment of an application fee only, in accordance with the provisions relating to the particular license for which such transfer is sought.

Please view the Aurora Code, Chapter 86 LICENSES, for more information.

Requirements for a "Home Occupation" Business

Home Occupation is a secondary use that operates business activities within a residential dwelling and follows the Supplemental Regulations for Home Occupations set forth within the Zoning and Building Code (Section 146-1220 and Section 146-2001).

Home Occupations require a Business License and must meet the following regulations:

  1. The residents of the dwelling unit shall be the only people engaged in the activity;

  2. The activity is carried on only in the principal building and is incidental and secondary to the primary purpose served by the dwelling;

  3. The storage of materials to be used in the activity shall be inside either the principal building or an accessory building;

  4. There shall be no external evidence, which in any way advertise or evidence the performance of the activity;

  5. Except for parties entering the dwelling unit as a result of prior individual invitation, in no way shall the general public be invited or solicited upon the premises;

  6. Performance of any personal service including, but not limited to, insurance agents, tax consultants and instruction in the arts, shall be limited to one pupil, client (which may include a partnership, married couple or parties engaged in a joint venture) or customer, at any one time;

  7. In no way shall the use jeopardize the health, safety or welfare of the occupants or of the surrounding neighborhood; and

  8. The operation of a Home Occupation shall not cause or encourage an amount of vehicular or pedestrian traffic above what is normally associated with the residential area in which the Home Occupation is conducted. Commercial vehicles less than 7,000 pounds empty weight are permitted on a residentially zoned lot (Section 146-1501). Truck tractors, semitrailers and tow trucks are not permitted on residentially zoned lots.

Note: The conducting of an animal hospital, barbershop, beauty parlor, day care, health clinic, hospital, kennel, or tearoom shall not be deemed to be a home occupation.

Daycare homes/centers, group homes, schools, places of worship or other uses listed in the Residential Use Table (5.1) within Residential zones are not regarded as home occupations because they are categorized as Live/Work and are regulated separately within the Zoning and Building Code.

All licenses referred to here and issued by the Tax and Licensing Division are not transferable to a new owner. Any change of ownership requires a new application and license, with fees paid according to the provisions applying to that particular license.

Lodging Services/Short-Term Rentals

Anyone advertising rentals lasting for less than 30 days is engaging in the provision of lodging services. A business license and collection of the lodger’s tax may be required.  Renting a property with a long-term written lease agreement for more than 30 days is not in the business of providing lodging services and the following requirements do not apply. The following FAQ provide information regarding short term rentals in most Aurora residential zones.

Aurora Short-Term Rentals FAQ

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Small Business Assistance

The Aurora-South Metro Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers assistance and support to entrepreneurs in Arapahoe, Douglas, and Adams counties. We work with small business owners at all stages of business, whether they have an idea and are considering starting a business, have just started their business, or have been operating for an extended period of time.

Business Licensing and Tax Class

Aurora offers a free workshop designed to help new and existing businesses understand business licensing and taxes. This beginner level seminar is intended to explain what is necessary to start-up in Aurora, and all types of businesses are welcome. Understand the process of obtaining a business license in Aurora, taxpayer rights and responsibilities, taxes you may have to pay, and the reason that audits are conducted. Tax and Licensing staff will be available to answer questions specific to your industry or situation.

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021 from 9 to 11 a.m.
Location: Webex Video Conference

Please go to the Aurora-South Metro Small Business Development Center (SBDC) website for more details and to register.

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